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Power Maxed VG Glass Cleaner 500ml

Power Maxed VG Glass Cleaner 500ml

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VG Glass Cleaner

VG Glass Cleaner is designed to be kept in the glovebox with a microfibre cloth to quickly and easily remove VG residue from the windscreen.

VG on the windscreen, particularly during night-time driving, can be very dangerous, and VG Glass Cleaner helps remove the oily substance to instantly improve visibility.

Most other glass cleaners struggle to penetrate the oils in e-liquid whereas ours has been specially developed to break down the VG quickly and effectively, leaving no remnants of the contaminant and no smears.

Perfect for:

  • Removing e-cigarette vaping oils from windscreens and other glass
  • Removing vegetable glycerine (VG) from almost any surface
  • Keeping in the glovebox for a quick clean where necessary
  • Cleaning glass around the house
  • Any vapers who vape near glass – it gets misty quickly you know!
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