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303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant

303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant

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303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant is a ceramic sealant that can be sprayed directly onto wet surfaces.

Simply spray on and rinse off, for six months of ceramic protection. The spray-on, rinse-off application creates a long-lasting bond after water hits treated surfaces. Once activated, the product leaves a deep glossy finish that feels slick to the touch.

This product can be applied to all vehicle exterior surfaces. It is safe and effective on paint, clear coat, wheels, glass, plastics, fibreglass, gel-coat, aluminium, hard plexiglass, and more! It is even safe to use on matte paint.

303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant is also great to use on wheels thanks to the easy activation method that eliminates the need to fit into tight spaces to achieve desired results.

Water spots and streaks can occur if the product is used on a hot surface, so make sure your vehicle is cool, wet, and out of direct sunlight when applying this product.


Wash your car out of direct sunlight when the vehicle’s surface is cooled. While the exterior is still wet, spray a small amount of product evenly, treating one section of the car at a time. After spraying a light mist, immediately rinse the section off with water. You will see water beading on the surface, indicating that it is now protected. Repeat steps on all areas of the vehicle, and then dry thoroughly with a microfibre drying towel.  


-         Quick ceramic protection in minutes

-         Three simple steps: spray product on wet surface, rinse, and dry

-         Smart formula activates once water makes contact with treated areas

-         Provides six months of hydrophobic protection

-         Use on paint, glass, wheels, metal, and chrome

-         Leaves behind a slick glossy surface

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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