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Alchemy Ceramic Wax

Alchemy Ceramic Wax

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Alchemy Ceramic Wax is an incredibly durable paste wax that offers outstanding levels of gloss.

Using advanced hybrid technology Ceramic Wax is easy to apply, protects for up to 12 months and is extremely hydrophobic.

Many people get the urge to apply a wax on top of a ceramic coating. Unfortunately, applying a traditional wax can detract from the behaviour of the coating. Applying a ceramic wax on top of the coating is the solution.

As well as working perfectly as a topper over a ceramic coating, this ceramic wax can also be used as a standalone wax that provides protection and high gloss shine.


Apply a thin coat of Ceramic Wax with a lightly dampened foam applicator using light pressure. Surface should be cool. Allow to cure before buffing to a glossy shine with an Alchemy microfibre towel.


-          Lasts up to twice as long as traditional carnauba wax

-          Extreme hydrophobic properties

-          Apply as standalone protection or over a ceramic coating

Size: 150ml (5oz)

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