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Alchemy GLO Detailing Brush Set - Blue

Alchemy GLO Detailing Brush Set - Blue

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The Alchemy GLO Brush Set includes a pair of ultra-soft detailing brushes designed to be used on sensitive surfaces.

Super soft bristles and metal-free construction make these the ideal brushes for light duty cleaning on surfaces you don’t want to risk scratching. The brushes effectively clean sensitive badges/emblems, navigation screens, dashboards, vents, gauges, woodwork and more.

The set contains a large and a small brush so you can choose which is best for the required job. The brush handles are ergonomically designed and have a fluorescent glow when in the dark, so you’ll find them easily in your detailing bag! The brushes charge up when exposed to daylight.  

Large Brush Length: 24cm

Small Brush Length: 16cm

Colour: Blue

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