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The super plush PileDriver Detailing Mitt features unique fat and thick Micro Nubs specifically designed to hold mounds of suds while the unique short noodle design allows them to lift and clean heavy dirt and grime away from surfaces rapidly and safely.

Awesome PileDriver Features:

  • Super thick, ultra-absorbent PileDriver Micro Nubs
  • Developed with PileDriver Micro Nubs ideal for bodywork, wheels, wheel wells, tires, and grilles
  • Superior durability of the PileDriver mitt allows it to hold up to rigorous use
  • Pulls off heavy dirt and grime fast and easy
  • Soft Micro Nubs are gentle on paint
  • PileDriver Micro Nubs easily releases dirt when rinsed
  • Super plush Micro Nubs protect against swirling and scratching
  • No thumb area so mitt easily rotates two flip sides for fast and convenient cleaning
  • Secure and comfortable wrist cuff helps keep mitt in place on hand

Short & Stubby Microfiber Nubs

The short PileDriver Micro Nubs are super plush micro-chenille noodles specially laid across The PileDriver Detailing Mitt to facilitate superior lathering of your vehicle delivering tons of soapy suds all over your paint. Plump absorbent microfiber strands gently lift and release dirt from paint for a safe, swirl-free wash. The PileDriver is developed with Chemical Guys Micro Nubs, or short microfiber strands that deliver superior cleaning and cover more area. You'll be able to work faster, clean easier, and reach deeper with these plump microfibers that hold even more soapy water for superior lubrication and cleaning!

No Pressure Required

When your car is extra dirty and you need to pull that grime off safely, use the PileDriver to clean all your exterior surfaces fast and easy. The short noodles of The PileDriver mean that you don’t need to use pressure, simply the weight of the wash mitt is enough. The unique design of this wash mitt makes it super easy for anyone to use on any car, truck, SUV, boat, RV, and much more. The PileDriver Detailing Mitt has unique paint-pampering features with a specialty blend of microfiber for superior cleaning, while the superior durability of The PileDriver mitt allows it to hold up to rigorous use.

Use It Everywhere

The super plush PileDriver Detailing Mitt is designed for multiple cleaning applications and uses. The fluffy and dense PileDriver Detailing Mitt makes it easy to get between spokes, inside wheel wells, fenders, grilles, and so much more. The fat and fluffy Micro Nubs agitate the vehicle's surface to release dirt particles and gather them between the strands, rather than being rubbed against the surface. You can even use it dry to dust dirty surfaces around your house and car! For superior comfort, The PileDriver has a Comfort Grip elastic cuff that holds tightly onto you and an ultra-soft liner for comfort as well. Pamper your ride with the super plush PileDriver Wash Mitt!

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