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Dodo Juice Taint it Black 30ml

Dodo Juice Taint it Black 30ml

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Taint it Black 30ml - black tyre and trim wax - helps restore finish on faded trim

On new trim, just apply a thin coat, let it haze and buff it off a few minutes later. It then leaves behind a satin finish that lasts for months - not weeks. When we did a 50/50 test on black roof bars on a BMW estate, it was still visible 8 whole months later. (We'd normally expect at least 2-4 months minimum longevity).

On degraded, UV-damaged trim it's arguably even better. Apply it more thickly and leave it longer to cure; the dense wax can then fill the microscopic damage without evaporating off like an oily dressing. And because it's a black wax, the blackness re-blackens the original finish. It may not be quite as permanent or effective as getting a rattle can of black paint out, but for a temporary coating it's a massive improvement and you won't need to reapply it more than a few times a year.

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