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Glimmermann Prestige Gloss Rinse 5L

Glimmermann Prestige Gloss Rinse 5L

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GLIMMERMANN Prestige Gloss Rinse is an advanced mixture of rich gloss enhancing waxes blended together to leave a deep gloss finish. Developed to apply the ultimate protection after washing a vehicle. Its great water beading properties and all round protection make cleaning your vehicle easier next time round.

Instructions for use:

WE RECOMMEND: Wash your car with GLIMMERMANN Tutti Frutti Snow Foam.
1. Mix 100-200ml with 1L of water.
2. Spray directly or sponge onto the vehicle when wet after washing.
3. Leave for up to 5 minutes and rinse off using clean water.
4. Chamois dry to give that “extra special” look.
Dilute up to a ratio of 1:20. 

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