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Gyeon - Do Not Wash Hanger

Gyeon - Do Not Wash Hanger

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Often dealerships and workshops believe they are adding value to your visit by washing your vehicle during it's visit. The problem comes when you've spent hours detailing and protecting your vehicle, or you have paid a lot of money to a detailer to do this for you and someone else decides to wash it.

Often harsh chemicals, brushes or sponges and a single bucket will be used to wash your vehicle quickly, which can damage protection, cause swirl marks (or worse) and leave your vehicle in a worse state than before it went in.

The Gyeon Do Not Wash Hanger acts as a visual deterrent to hopefully prevent this happenining and can be hung from your rear view mirror. Obviously we always recommend explaining to the dealer or workshop you do not wish to have the vehicle washed as well.

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