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GYEON - Q²M Bathe 400ml

GYEON - Q²M Bathe 400ml

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Gyeon Q²M Bathe Shampoo is a pH neutral pure shampoo, designed to work in harmony with Gyeon Sealants.

It has good cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily but is gentle and kind enough to not affect coatings or sealants. And because Gyeon Bathe is pH-neutral it also ensures that delicate finishes such as nickel / chrome plated or highly polished elements remain pristine.

90% of paint defects occur as a consequence of improper washing. A two-bucket method, a soft glove or an efficient pressure washer can only partly guarantee success. One of its most crucial constituents remains its sliperiness as a shampoo, which boosts the smooth gliding of the wash mitt over the surface of the paint. The slicker the shampoo the greater chance there is of minimizing the risk of developing new defects and marring on the paint of your vehicle.

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