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GYEON - Q²M Bathe + 400ml

GYEON - Q²M Bathe + 400ml

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Gyeon Bathe+ is based upon the same slick, pH neutral formula is the regular Gyeon Bathe but has been fortified with SiO2 rich polymers. The result of this is a car shampoo that not only cleans well but a temporary hydrophobic coting that enhances surface gloss and strongly repels water dirt & grime lasting serveral weeks.

Gyeon Q2M Bathe+ can proudly call itself as the world’s first pH neutral shampoo containing SiO2. Even a quick wash leaves a strong hydrophobic layer, repelling water, dirt and prolonging the need for a next wash. The wash itself is a real joy, while the shampoo is very slick and has a scent characteristic of the whole Gyeon range.

Only 15-20ml of Bathe+ diluted in ca. 12 liters of water is enough to both cleanse the bodywork of your vehicle and leave a smooth, self cleaning and hydrophobic layer.

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