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GYEON - Q²M Clay Lube 500ml

GYEON - Q²M Clay Lube 500ml

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Gyeon’s Q²M Clay Lube is a lubricating agent designed for use with its Gyeon Q2M clay. Although it comes ready diluted,  Q²M Clay Lube can be further diluted as far as 10:1 making this product go further. It’s pH neutral so will optimise the clay rather than working against it and breaking it down.

With claying you need a really well lubricated surface, this will help the clay glide effortlessly across the paint surface. This Clay Lube is really slippery, claying is a dream with this Gyeon product.

Features & Benefits:

  • Will not breakdown or degrade the integrity of the clay bar
  • Dilutable (up to 10:1)
  • pH neutral

500ml Bottle with Sprayer

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