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GYEON - Q²M Microfibre Applicators 2pk

GYEON - Q²M Microfibre Applicators 2pk

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The Gyeon Q²M microfibre Applicators are a highly demanded aid for coating application on large, hardly accessible or complex shaped surfaces. Is it paint, leather, trim, gel coat or marine wood, the high-quality microfibre applicator will allow an even and smooth surface coverage. The ergonomic shape improves grip and prevents the applicator from falling on the ground.

The new Gyeon Microfibre Applicators have been designed to speed up the coating process and allow perfectly even coverage on all types of large or complex panels. High quality microfibre wrapped around a soft sponge ensures perfect adjustment to the shape of the coated area. The pocket on the top side provides great grip and increases functionality.

Each Gyeon Microfibre applicator measures 120 x 95 x 25mm

Pack Contents: 2 x MF Applicators

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