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GYEON - Q²M Polish Wipe

GYEON - Q²M Polish Wipe

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Gyeon Q2M Polish wipe is a completely edgeless, laser cut microfibre towel. The two sides of the Polish Wipe towel are different lengths, we like this feature because it gives the towel much more use.

Gyeon designed the Polish Wipe towel to remove polish, but we think this sells it a bit short. The longer side can be used for final buffing, waxes and sealants, whereas the shorter side is ideal for removing polish and oily residue.

With detailing, the right tools are just as important as the products themselves and by using this Gyeon Q2M Polish Wipe towel, you will definitely be starting the job on an excellent footing.

40 x 40cm Microfibre Towel

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