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GYEON - Q²M Tar 500ml

GYEON - Q²M Tar 500ml

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GYEON Q2M Tar is a highly effective cirtus based product to remove bonded adhesives from paintwork.

Vehicles usually collect large amounts of tar and asphalt contamination during everyday use. The stronger the horsepower and the more aggressively a car is driven, the bigger an issue it becomes. GYEON Q2M Tar provides a great opportunity to speed things up as usually an overall decontamination process, which includes claying, takes a lot of time. Most contamination is simply dissolved, which allows you to obtain a smooth finish in nearly no time.

  • Uses natural citrus oils to dissolve sticky bonds
  • Reduces the chances of scratching caused by ‘scrubbing’ at paintwork
  • pH-neutral formula will not affect plastic trim
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