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GYEON - Q²M TireCleaner 500ml

GYEON - Q²M TireCleaner 500ml

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A specialised and highly effective tyre and rubber cleaner. Removes old dressings and deep, accumulated contamination with ease. Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner is safe on all types of tyres, including classic white-wall rubber.

Gyeon Q²M TireCleaner is a unique formula designed to cleanse all rubber elements of your car. It will soak deep in the porous structure of the material and loosen accumulated dirt and contamination. Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner dissolves tyre dressings and prepares the surface prior to dressing.

Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner is completely safe on ceramic coated rims, not interfering with the protective layer or reducing its hydrophobicity. It might be used as a regular, daily wheel cleaner as well.

Gyeon Tire Cleaner is able to remove old dressing and accumulated dirt even out of the structure of the tyre. It prepares the surface for every quality dressing.

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