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GYEON - Q²M WaterSpot Remover 500ml

GYEON - Q²M WaterSpot Remover 500ml

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GYEON Q2M Water Spot remover is very easy to use. Before applying, clean the bodywork with a gentle, pH-neutral shampoo such as Gyeon Bathe and dry the surface. Then spray directly onto the paint or on a microfiber cloth and wipe the area affected with water spots.If there is strong staining, spray generously directly onto the surface and wipe the surface a few times with a microfibre. If required - repeat.

GYEON Q2M WaterSpot is thick and oily, so very little product is required to cover a large area. It does not diminish or dry fast, so the cleaned area can be wiped multiple times.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dissolves water spot marks quickly
  • Ideal for use on vehicles protected with nanotechnology-based quartz coatings
  • Particularly useful for freshly applied nanotechnology-based quartz coatings
  • Lubricating oils reduce chances of marring paintwork
  • Pre-diluted - ready to use
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