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GYEON - Q²M White Eccentric Finishing Pad

GYEON - Q²M White Eccentric Finishing Pad

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The Gyeon Q²M Eccentric Finish Pad is a light finishing pad designed to remove holograms and light defects, providing a high quality finish. Made in Germany of high quality, super-durable foam and available in special shapes dedicated to different polishing machines.

The pads are designed exclusively to match the requirements of modern eccentric (d/a or random orbital) polishers. The cone shape allows precise pressure distribution. Specially cut edge eliminates damage of the pad. The Gyeon Q²M Eccentric Finish has reduced height to eliminate pad drag. The center hole allows precise fitment and reduces temperature in the center part of the pad.

  • Light finishing pad for removing light paint defects
  • Specially designed for eccentric (Dual Action) machines
  • 145mm to fit 5" (125mm) backing plate
  • supplied in singles
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