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GYEON - Q² Rim Coating (30ml Kit)

GYEON - Q² Rim Coating (30ml Kit)

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Gyeon Q2 Rim Coating is a advanced SiO2 quartz coating that offers high levels of durability whilst at the same time being highly temperature resistant (up to 350°C) . This makes it an ideal product for protecting wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips.

By using an easy to apply alcohol-free formula Gyeon Q2 Rim fully crystalises to lay down a ultra hard quartz layer that protects wheels from the harshest conditions. Gyeon Q2 Rim Sealant is resistant to not only high temperatures, but also to aggressive dust from brake pads and wheel cleaners. It is expected that 6 months/8000km to 12 months should easily be achieved.

As a result of being coated by the bonded fully crystallized SiO2 the surface of the wheel naturally becomes extremely hydrophobic meaning water rapidly beads off the surface. This turn means the Gyeon Q2 Rim offers superb self cleaning abilities as it reduces the ability of brake dust and road grime being able to stick to the surface and water will naturally help keep the surface clean.

Kit Contains:  

1 x Q2 RIM - 30ml
1 x Applicator
4 x Suede Cloths
1 x Face Mask
1 x Instruction Manual

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