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GYEON - Q² Tire

GYEON - Q² Tire

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Gyeon Q² Tire is a SiO2-based tyre coating that guarantees not only durability, but looks fantastic as well.

Unlike traditional tyre dressings that are usually oil based dressing which simply sit on the surface of the tire, Gyeon Q2 Tire dressing penetrates the pores of the rubber at a molecular level. The result of this is that the finish is not easily washed off the rubber and as such last for much longer than these traditional dressings. Not only that but the surface becomes hydrophobic meaning that water beads off the tyre keeping them cleaner for longer.

Gyeon Q² Tire not only protects tires, it also improves their looks with a deep rich satin finish which can be layered for more depth with also helps improve durability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bonds with rubber for long-lasting finish
  • Imparts matte - satin glow to treated tyres
  • Will not turn tyres brown
  • Can be layered for additional protection
  • 10-15ml covers one set of tyres

400ml Bottle with pump top

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