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Lake Country One Step Microfibre Pad 1.5”

Lake Country One Step Microfibre Pad 1.5”

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Lake Country OSP Microfibre Pads are an all-in-one pad that cut and finish in one step.

These pads are perfect for detailers that need a pad for any situation – they offer superb cutting and finishing performance in a single pad!

OSP Pads utilise a flexible foam layer firm enough to offer a good deal of correction ability, yet soft enough for finishing. Simply put, you can remove moderate defects and provide a high gloss finish with one easy to use pad.

These microfibre pads are constructed of thousands of strands of microfibre which provide brilliant cutting capabilities.

Lake Country OSP Pads use state-of-the-art adhesive technology to ensure the pads do not delaminate, even after countless uses. These pads feature two different adhesives, both of which are specifically designed for the material that they’re attached to. This ensures that Lake Country Microfibre Pads are more durable than conventional microfibre pads They are also machine washable.

Bridge the gap between cutting and finishing with Lake Country OSP Pads! 


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