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Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Gloss 250ml

Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Gloss 250ml

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Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Gloss is a high-gloss polish which creates a perfect mirror shine on boats.

Once polished to a high-gloss shine use Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Protection to provide protection against salt, dirt, lime, fouling, and UV rays.


1. Before using it: clean the surface well.

2. Shake the bottle and pour the product onto the polishing pad. Please note: the bigger the pad, the more product you need.

3. Use the Menzerna Soft Cut Foam to remove holograms, fine scratches, polishing marks and shadows.

4. To achieve an ultimate deep gloss, we recommend using an orbital polishing machine and working in a cross-pattern. While polishing, apply light even pressure to the polishing machine and polish with Gelcoat Premium Gloss at a constant high speed.

5. After polishing, remove polish residues with the premium microfiber cloth.

6. Holograms, fine scratches, polishing marks and shadows have now been removed. Your surface should now have an ultimate deep shine and it now can be sealed with Gelcoat Premium Protection.

Size: 250ml

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