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Menzerna Metal Polishing Cream 150g

Menzerna Metal Polishing Cream 150g

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Menzerna Metal Polishing Cream is a super fine abrasive polish designed to clean and polish all metals, precious metals and plastic materials.

It can be used to polish brass, gold, silver, aluminium, magnesium, pewter, chrome, sterling, copper, stainless steel, fibreglass, and other unpainted plastics.

The cream combines a unique blend of cleaning agents, lubricants, and proprietary ingredients that brings out a dazzling shine on all polishable metals.

It is one of the finest metal polishes on the market and it produces amazing levels of gloss. It’s also quick and easy to apply with little product needed.


-         Can be used on all polishable metals

-         Utilises super fine abrasives

-         Leaves surfaces with high levels of gloss

Size: 150g tube

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