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Menzerna Power Protect Ultra 2 in 1 - 250ml

Menzerna Power Protect Ultra 2 in 1 - 250ml

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Menzerna Power Protect Ultra is a 2 in 1 formula that works as a finishing polish and last step protection.

It removes minor surface defects and provides a high gloss finish while sealing the finish with high quality carnauba wax.

This product leaves noticeably smoother finish with perfect water-beading properties.

Menzerna Power Protect Ultra 2 in 1 is silicone-free.


-         Clean the surface thoroughly

-         Shake the bottle before use and apply the polish to the Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad

-         We recommend an orbital polishing machine and the cross-coating method to achieve a perfect result. The polish can also be applied by hand using an applicator pad

-         Exert light and even pressure while polishing, working in the upper rotational speed range at first. Reduce the rotational speed during the final cycles

-         Leave the sealant to dry for 5 to 10 minutes and remove any residual polish with a microfibre cloth, without applying any pressure

-         Depending on the demands of the surface, a second stage may be performed. Here, you have the option of reapplying the product using the Menzerna Wax Foam Pad


Size: 250ml 

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