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*NEW* Pressol Industrial Double Action Sprayer

*NEW* Pressol Industrial Double Action Sprayer

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The Industrial sprayer is made from Black HDPE and comes in 500ml, 750ml and 1 Litre (1000ml) sizes.  The industrial sprayer is designed to be used with stronger, or higher alkaline products.  In comparison to the Household Sprayers, these feature a more ergonomic bottle design as well as a weighted dip tube allowing it to move and continue to disperse liquid even when the bottle is tilted.  The 1 Litre size also features a swivel trigger head (the 500ml and 750ml sizes both have a fixed trigger head)

  • Spray volume per cycle (ml): 1.4
  • Spray angle: 50°
  • Reach at set spray angle of 50° (mm): 600
  • Reach at full jet (mm): 4500
  • Container: HDPE (high density polyethylene)
  • Pump: special plastic
  • Seal: FKM
  • Suction hose: special plastic
  • Pressure spring and ball: INOX
  • Adjusting nut: HDPE
  • Atomizer head with double stroke and freely positionable
  • Flexible hose allows almost complete emptying at a working angle of 0°-180°


  • Base width: 3.54"
  • Height: 11"


  • Base width: 3.94"
  • Height: 12.32"


  • Base width: 4.33"
  • Height: 13.43"
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