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*NEW* SOFT99 Glaco DX Glass Sealant Kit 3pcs

*NEW* SOFT99 Glaco DX Glass Sealant Kit 3pcs

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The Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs is a comprehensive solution for effortlessly cleaning, protecting, and maintaining the clarity of your car windows. This set includes three essential products: the 10308 Glaco Glass Compound Roll On, the 04957 Glaco DX liquid wiper, and the 04111 Glaco De Cleaner.

With the Glaco Glass Compound Roll On (10308), you can easily remove stubborn dirt, grime, and watermarks from your car windows. Its powerful formula ensures a thorough cleaning, leaving your windows crystal clear and free from unsightly residue.

Once your windows are clean, the Glaco DX (04957) liquid wiper comes into play. This innovative product forms a protective coating on your windows, providing extreme water shedding capabilities. When driving in the rain, the water droplets will simply roll off the windows, greatly enhancing visibility and ensuring safer driving conditions. This coating lasts for several months, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for an extended period.

To maintain the effectiveness of the coating and keep your windows in optimal condition, the Glaco De Cleaner (04111) is included in the set. This cleaner is specifically designed to remove contaminants that may accumulate on the window surface over time, such as dust, pollen, and smudges. Regular use of the Glaco De Cleaner helps to preserve the water-shedding properties of the Glaco DX coating, ensuring long-lasting clarity and safety.

In summary, the Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs provides a convenient and effective solution for cleaning and protecting your car windows. By utilizing the liquid wiper technology and the accompanying cleaner, you can achieve excellent visibility during rainy conditions and maintain the desired effect for months to come. Drive with confidence, knowing that your windows are clean, clear, and optimized for safe travels.
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