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Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

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All Purpose Cleaner

Power Maxed All Purpose Cleaner is a non-caustic and safe to use, multi-purpose cleaning liquid and a must-have product that has been developed for a wide range of uses.

All Purpose Cleaner performs brilliantly as a versatile all-round cleaning fluid, cleaning bug splats and general grime from the exterior of any vehicle, door trims, seals, engine bays, workshops, garages and even patios and decking.

This is a heavy-duty hard surface cleaner de-greaser product with in-built oil and grease dispersal properties. It is also ideal for cleaning walls, concrete walls, concrete floors, forecourts, vinyl and ceramic tiles.

A low foam product, it is highly recommended for use as an additive for industrial floor scrubber machines.

Perfect for:

  • Cleaning door shuts and tyres
  • Cleaning patios and decking
  • Cleaning concrete walls, floors and more
  • General workshop/garage cleaning
  • Body shop cleaning – non-caustic and silicone-free
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