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Power Maxed Bike Cleaner 500ml

Power Maxed Bike Cleaner 500ml

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Bike Wash and Wax 500ml

Power Maxed Bike Wash & Wax is designed for motorcycles and bicycles, to remove heavy dirt and grime effortlessly, leaving a Carnauba wax layer behind to protect the paintwork and leaving a brilliant shine.

Bike Wash & Wax contains foam boosters to lift dirt, grease and oil and allow you to simply wipe everything away.

Approved by Arenacross racers and many more biking professionals, this product meets the highest standards.

Available in both 1L Ready To Use and 5L Concentrate.

Perfect for:

  • Motorcycles and bicycles
  • Cleaning motorbike paintwork
  • Waxing motorbike paintwork for added protection
  • Lifting dirt and grime from bicycle and motorbike surfaces
  • Body shop use – non-caustic and silicone-free
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