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Scholl Concepts - Red Ninja Cutting Pad 145mm

Scholl Concepts - Red Ninja Cutting Pad 145mm

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Banish defects with the new NINJA Pads, designed particularly for use with the New S2 Black. These exclusive new reticulated foams from Scholl Concepts feature the new Flex-Cut shape which offers some advantages over regular pads.

Most of the heat generated during polishing is generated outside of a polishing pad. The special shape of the edges of the ninja pad dissipates the heat better. Furthermore, the Flex Cut shape creates less pressure on the edges. These factors protect the material and extend the life of the pads.

The Red NINJA Pad is a rough cutting pad with Scholl Concepts' patented Spider Technology. It is a reticulated (open cell), heat resistant foam and recommended for deep scratches on used paints.

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