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Scholl Concepts - Shock 2 Cut 500ml

Scholl Concepts - Shock 2 Cut 500ml

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Scholl Shock 2 Cut High Performance Compound

A unique, high performance, versatile cutting compound that is usable on a variety of different paint systems.

Scholl Concepts Shock 2 Cut is an innovative extreme cutting compound that is capable of achieving a high level of cutting ability, whilst still finishing down to a nice gloss. 

Removing paint defects easily, and efficiently has never been so easy! Scholl have been constantly developing their iPT Power Technology polish to remove deep paint defects on all paint systems in one step, regardless of clear coat hardness. 

This allows Scholl Shock 2 Cut to produce an incredible level of cut on hard, soft and intermediate paint systems, making it one of the most versatile heavy cutting compounds on the market.


  • Fast cutting ability 
  • Removes 1500 grit sanding marks 
  • Unmatched cutting and gloss features
  • Virtually no dust contamination during use
  • Intelligent powder technology (iPT)
  • Ideal for fresh and scratch-resistent surfaces including UV cured paints
  • Can be used with all machines 
  • Does not contain wax, silicone or toxic solvents
  • 500ml bottle
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