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SOFT99 Fusso Coat Light 200g

SOFT99 Fusso Coat Light 200g

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SOFT99 Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax creates both an hydrophobic and protective coating durable for up to 12 months.

Thanks to unique fluoropolymers, the coating effectively reduces adhesion of dirt and repels water. The paint is protected against negative effects of weather conditions such as acid rain, UV radiation and road salt.

Furthermore the hard paste wax creates a clear gloss protective coat that also eliminates swirl marks on the applications body.

For use on light coloured paintwork.

Directions for use:

  • 1. Remove any dirt on the cars bodywork with the use of SOFT99 pH neutral Shampoo
  • 2. Apply small amount of Fusso with the sponge included and spread it as even as possible in circular motion
  • 3. Allow it to dry for at least 10-15minutes (weather conditions apply)
  • 4. Use a detailing grade microfibre to wipe of residue, flip towel if necessary in between process.
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