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SONAX Bike Cleaner, 750 ml

SONAX Bike Cleaner, 750 ml

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Sonax Bike Cleaner (750 ml) - Bicycle Cleaner for Aluminium, Matte Paints, Carbon & Plastic Surfaces, Cleans Chain & Sprockets, for E-Bikes, Gentle on Materials.

Sonax bike cleaner.

The powerful cleaner thoroughly removes even the most stubborn dirt on the entire bike. Suitable for cleaning the chain and sprockets. Compatible with all materials such as Carbon & plastic surfaces, aluminium, matt paints, etc. Suitable for electric bikes.

Notice: The test winners of the magazines "bike" and "tour" 2019 refer to the 750 ml spray bottle, as handling and spraying behaviour have been tested. The 5 litre filling corresponds to the contents of the spray bottle, but must first be refilled for use.

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