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Stubby Nose Foam Gun (with Trigger Kit)

Stubby Nose Foam Gun (with Trigger Kit)

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The Stubby Nose Trigger Kit allows you to ditch the unwieldly pressure washer wand and have complete control when snow foaming.

Snow foaming your car has become an important part of the detailing process and using a pressure washer and foam gun is the best way to cover your vehicle in thick foam. However, the long pressure washer wand isn’t always the easiest to control. There’s also the risk of scratching paint if you get too close.

When you use the Stubby Nose Trigger Kit it allows you to get rid of the wand. The Trigger Kit gives you greater freedom of movement and more control.

The ergonomic design provides you with a comfortable grip and ultimate control when snow foaming.


-         Gives you more freedom when snow foaming

-         Get rid of the long pressure washer wand

-         Compact design makes snow foaming easier

Kit includes:

-         Quick Release Lance Adaptor

-         3x Spray Nozzles

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Karcher or Nilfisk Pressure Washer you will need the relevant adaptor. If you have a Kranzle/M22 machine an adaptor is not required

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